Prospecting and Selling—The Keys to Building Your Freelance Business More Quickly

If you’re relying on inbound channels and gig platforms to land new projects, you’re probably missing out on the majority of clients who need the type of creative services that you offer.

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You can’t simply wait around for good clients to happen upon your website, portfolio, or LinkedIn profile. It’s up to you to reach out to them and initiate the kind of conversations that lead to new projects.

The challenge is that a lot of freelancers feel uncomfortable with cold outreach, and hate the idea of coming off as “salesy.”

The good news is that learning how to proactively reach out to potential clients—and sell your services in an authentic way—frees you to take more control over the future of your business, and greatly increases your odds of success.

In this episode, freelance content marketer and B2B SaaS copywriter Christine Gomolka joins me to share:

  • How she used cold outreach to book her first copywriting clients and produce a full-time income within 4 months.
  • How to take the discomfort, resistance, and pressure out of cold outreach.
  • How to sell in an authentic way.
  • Why introverts have an advantage in selling.
  • Why listening is the key skill for selling your services.

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