Shifting from Transactional to Transformational Achievement

There’s a myth that true achievement can only come from struggle and strain. That in order to feel successful and happy, you need to first pick a specific goal—and then apply consistent, forceful effort to mold the world according to that vision.

But there’s another model of success to consider. One where you shift from trying to force specific outcomes based on some made-up goal, to learning how to align with life and take the right action in each moment.

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In this episode, Leon VanderPol, founder of the Center for Transformational Coaching, joins me to share:

  • The difference between transactional and transformational achievement.
  • The limitations of setting fixed, rigid goals.
  • How to tap into a deeper sense of purpose, and accomplish great things in a way that’s an expression of yourself as a whole and complete person.

Connect with Leon at:

Check out A Shift in Being: The Art and Practices of Deep Transformational Coaching

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