30 Days to Overcoming Your Fear of Failure and Rejection

You’re an entrepreneur. An artist. A creator. You have a calling so strong that you can feel it in your bones—to build a business that expresses your unique talents, interests, and purpose.

But for many of us, there’s a knot of fear and anxiety deep under all that ambition. A nagging voice that keeps telling us “this won’t work.” These conflicting beliefs create a painful internal split that robs you of your courage and creative energy.

Your enthusiasm gets washed away by the constant anticipation of disappointment, leaving you trapped between inspiration and learned helplessness. Rather than enjoying the process—including the challenges—it takes almost all your determination to persevere through every rejection and obstacle.

Build the Business You Were Born to Create

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You’ll learn:

  • How we accidentally train ourselves to expect failure, and what you can do to detach from this kind of fear-based conditioning.
  • The limitations of positive thinking, and what you can do instead to start overcoming the fears that are holding you back.
  • How to uproot your limiting, fear-based beliefs by asking yourself one simple question.
  • An easy daily meditation practice to help you free yourself from your fears.
  • How to slowly level up exposure to internal discomfort so that you can break through your deepest, most fearful limiting beliefs—without getting completely overwhelmed.

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