Shifting from Transactional to Transformational Achievement

There’s a myth that true achievement can only come from struggle and strain. That in order to feel successful and happy, you need to first pick a specific goal—and then apply consistent, forceful effort to mold the world according to that vision.

But there’s another model of success to consider. One where you shift from trying to force specific outcomes based on some made-up goal, to learning how to align with life and take the right action in each moment.

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Prospecting Doesn’t Have to Feel Gross

I’ve always believed in the value of prospecting.

Of reaching out directly to the people I’m looking to serve, instead of waiting around for them to discover me on social media, my podcast, or my blog.

Relying completely on inbound tactics leaves too many good options off the table. Being able to reach out and start conversations opens up nearly endless opportunities to proactively build your business.

That said, for most of my career, I hated actually doing direct outreach and prospecting. Just the thought of cold-calling or cold-emailing strangers would send me spiraling into a dark hole of anxiety and shame.

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Aligning Your Existing Business With Authentic Purpose

In my last post, I shared the difference between authentic vs ego-driven purpose. The question was—is your sense of purpose coming from the truth of who and what you really are, or is it coming from a place of who you think you should be?

Getting clear about your authentic purpose makes it much easier to build your business’s unique offering, positioning, and messaging around your true strengths.

But what if that authentic purpose looks a lot different than what you’re actually doing right now? What if the business you’ve spent years building doesn’t really seem to match your talents, strengths, and interests? Should you just scrap everything you’ve worked so hard to build and start over?

Not necessarily.

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Align With Your Purpose as an Entrepreneur

Not feeling inspired by your work or your business? Wondering what happened to all that passion you used to feel for living the entrepreneurial life?

Let’s explore how to realign with that sense of purpose and calling that you used to feel.

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