The Path to Your Ideal Business

In my last few posts, we explored strengths, positioning, and messaging. Now we’re going to bring these concepts together to help you design your business around your unique talents, interests, and purpose—bridging the gap between where it is today, and your vision of where you want it to be tomorrow.

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Design Your Ideal Business Part 3: Your Strategic Narrative

Feeling stuck trying to communicate your offer in a way that truly resonates with potential customers? Finding the right words to describe the value you deliver is often a lot harder than it looks.

Let’s explore how to craft a brand story that focuses on your ideal customers’ problems (and how you’ll solve them) so that your marketing and sales messaging is always on target.

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Design Your Ideal Business Part 2: Your Competitive Advantage

Having a hard time standing out in a noisy market? Does it feel like no matter how hard you try, you just can’t differentiate yourself from the crowd?

Let’s explore how to develop your positioning strategy—that sweet spot between your strengths and the needs of your market—so you can set yourself apart from the competition.

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Design Your Ideal Business Part 1: Your Unique Offering

Feel like you don’t have a clear vision for your business? Like you’re constantly reacting to external forces, rather than building something special based on your internal guidance and unique gifts?

Let’s explore how to align with your talents, interests, and purpose, and then design a clear vision to move toward so you can focus on building the business you were born to create.

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