Less Noise, More Flow

It seems like the only constant in today’s world is constant distraction. More pings, meetings, emails, Slack alerts. Less space, time, clarity, quiet.

More noise. Less flow.

It’s no wonder so many of us struggle to focus on what actually matters. The game seems rigged against us, rewarding unhealthy habits like task switching with quick hits of dopamine. This game has turned the concept of “reactivity” from a weakness (“I have such a short attention span”) into a virtue (“who has time to actually focus and think when there are so many fires to put out?”).

Where has all this reactivity gotten us in the long run? We’ve lost our ability to set our own course, instead allowing day-to-day “urgent but not important” things guide all of our decisions—regardless of whether they’re taking us in a direction we actually want to go. Many of us are stuck in motion, a frenetic cycle of busywork that looks like productivity. But in reality, reactivity just keeps us running in circles, perpetually striving and feeling burned out, but not actually going anywhere worthwhile.

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Feeling Burned Out? Maybe You’re Majoring in Minor Things

When’s the last time you felt truly in love with your work—when you felt 100% focused on the things that really matter, when you were overflowing with creative energy, when ideas seemed to pour out of you without any conscious effort on your part?

If your answer is something like “this is how I live most days,” then congratulations! You can stop reading and get back to doing amazing work.

Most people’s response is probably closer to “sounds like some woo-woo pipe dream. I live in the real world, where in order to win you need to hustle and grind, then rinse and repeat. Success requires forcing things to bend to your will, and pushing yourself past your limits every single day.”

In other words, most people believe that in order to succeed in life, you need to be able to do it all, and do it non-stop. But what if trying to do it all is really just an addiction to busyness, a distraction from doing the things that actually lead to success?

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Maximize Your Impact

Struggling to stay focused? Feel like you’re always flip-flopping between periods of high productivity—and complete exhaustion?

Let’s explore ways to maximize your impact, and how to focus your time, energy, and attention on what really matters, so you can accomplish more without burning out.

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