Why Obsessing About a Goal Makes You Less Likely to Achieve It

Most advice about succeeding in business is based on the notion that in order to achieve anything worthwhile, you must:

  • Have a clear, measurable, and actionable goal.
  • Commit to achieving that goal no matter what it takes.
  • Keep your goals top of mind at all times.

To be sure, having a clear goal can help you focus on the actions that will have the highest impact. Without any idea of your destination, it would be hard to know what actions to take—let alone muster up the motivation to tackle a challenging project.

But what happens when you take the advice to “focus on the goal” too far? When does guidance become obsession?

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Tap Into Your Resilience

Having a hard time sticking with your business goals? Feeling stuck in a never-ending cycle of starting and quitting?

Let’s explore the concept of resilience, how it specifically relates to entrepreneurship, and how to start fine-tuning your ability to persevere through obstacles, rejection, and failure so that you’re always growing and evolving.

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